Throwback Thursday - Dominique Wilkins

Jacques Dominique Wilkins regarded as the “Human Highlight Film” was born in Paris in 1960 when his father was stationed in France as part of the U.S Air Force. Soon after they moved back to the US, cementing their roots in Washington, North Carolina where Wilkins gained back-to-back MVP for the Washington High School in the Class 3-A State Championships.

In 1982, Dominique was drafted to the Utah Jazz, 3rd pick overall, but financial restraints within the Jazz led to an early trade to the Atlanta Hawks, where he would reside for the next 12 yrs. Wilkins’ professional career exploded in the mid-late 80s, racking up record after record gaining a reputation for his Slam-dunks, including the one- or two-handed windmill dunk.

One of the most memorable games from Wilkins would have to be Game 7 in the Eastern Conference Final against the Boston Celtics. Larry Bird and Wilkins played head-to-head, sinking bucket for bucket. “I couldn’t miss” Dominique said, “He couldn’t miss. And it went down to the last shot of the game. Who is going to make the last shot?” The Celtics finally closed it out 118-116.

He went on to later play for the Clippers, Celtics, Spurs and Magic as well as in the Euroleage, winning a European Championship with Greece in 1996.

These days, you can find Dominique participating in All-Star Celebrity Games, running basketball academies and advocating research for Type 2 Diabetes, a disease he was diagnosed with at the age of 40.



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