Throwback Thursday - Patrick Ewing Snr


Patrick Aloysius Ewing Snr. was born in Jamaica maaan {insert Jamaican tone}, on the 5th August 1962. After living off a healthy diet of cricket and soccer in Jamaica, his family moved to Cambridge Massachusetts in 1975 where he quickly acquired the skills of an extremely talent ball player. During his college career he moved to Georgetown University under the guidance of Coach John Thompson, being the only freshman in the starting line-up of the varsity team. It is here that he began the trend of wearing a short sleeve t-shirt underneath his sleeveless jersey! {Bet you didn’t know that Cherrys}

Ewing’s NBA professional era was as highly anticipated as a fresh case of Panini Immaculate and the New York Knicks grabbed him in the first pick of the draft.
And then the records began to fall, officials chalk in hand at the ready, everytime he played. This even included an embarrassing moment when 5’3” guard, Tyrone “Muggsy” Bogue managed to block his shot in a 1993 game against the Charlotte Hornets – wow!

Eleven times named an NBA All-Star, member of the original Dream Team and one of the 50 Greatest Players in NBA History. There was one notch he couldn’t manage to earn, even with Jordan retired and that was an NBA Champioship. These days he’s kickin’ at the Bobcats as assistant coach to Steve Clifford.


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