Throwback Thursday - Harry 'The Horse' Gallatin



Harry 'The Horse' Gallatin was born in Roxana Illinois in 1927. He had a real drive for competition and after graduating from high school in 1944 he was granted a scholarship by Northeast MIssouri State Teachers' College. Four years later he was selected by the New York Knicks in the draft and travelled to the Big Apple on his first aeroplane trip ever!

Gallatin earned the nickname 'The Horse' through his passion and tremendous physical strength epitomised in 1954 when he led the NBA in rebounding, averaging 15.3 rebounds a game and made All-NBA first team. He had a short stint at the Detroit Pistons in 1957 but only stayed on for one season.

Harry culminated 7x NBA All-Stars, NBA Coach of the Year (St. Louis Hawks) and 6,684 rebounds in his professional career. Another interesting fact was that in the first three off-seasons of NBA he also played baseball for the Illinois Cubs and he served for the US Navy in WWII.   


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