Throwback Thursday - Phil Jackson



Phil Jackson was born September 17 1945. Phil grew up in Deer Lodge, Montana with extremely religious parents who didn't allow him or any of his siblings to dance or watch TV, So I guess we can thank them for Phil having nothing better to do than refine his craft of shooting hoops. He was drafted in the NBA in Round #2, pick #17 overall.

He played for the New York Knicks from 1967-1978 and then the Nets from 1978-1980. Jackson claimed two championship rings as a player but smashed it out of the park as a coach, claiming 11 rings with the Chicago Bulls and LA Lakers, combined. He was known as the 'Zen Master' always playing mind games, as a player and synonymously as a coach as well, someone should ask Kobe Bryant about Jackson's book - "The Last Season"

An interesting fact about Phil Jackson is that when his team wins the first game of the playoff series they always win the series… how's about that for luck / skill. Other Career highlights include coaching the greatest players of all time - Jordan, Shaq and Kobe, NBA Coach of the Year, NBA All-Rookie First Team (1968) and Top 10 Coaches in NBA History.

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