Throwback Thursday - Moses Malone


Moses Eugene Malone (born March 23, 1955) is a retired American Hall of Fame basketball player who starred in both the American Basketball Association and the National Basketball Association. A three-time NBA MVP and one of the NBA's 50 greatest players, Malone was the most successful prep-to-pro player of his era, going straight from Petersburg High to a 21-year career in professional basketball.

By the time Malone retired after 19 seasons in the NBA he was the last former ABA player active and held numerous distinctions in both leagues, including a championship ring and NBA finals MVP trophy won with the 1983 Philadelphia 76ers. He was nicknamed "Chairman of the Boards" and "Big Mo".

Career accomplishments, Malone:

  •     was named one of the NBA's 50 Greatest Players in 1997.
  •     was inducted into the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame in 2001.
  •     played more seasons (21) in the NBA/ABA than any other player.
  •     was both the NBA Most Valuable Player and Sporting News MVP in 1979, 1982 and 1983.
  •     is the only player in NBA history to average 20 points and 10 rebounds on four different teams. Three others have done it three times, Wilt Chamberlain, Shaquille O'Neal, and George McGinnis, McGinnis accomplishing the feat a fourth season while playing in the American Basketball Association before joining the NBA
  •     became the first player in NBA history to earn five consecutive rebounding titles (1980–1984).
  •     did not foul out during his final 1,212 games, the longest streak without a disqualification.[4]
  •     has the highest number of offensive rebounds (6,731) since the NBA started tracking offensive and defensive rebounds separately in 1973–74
  •     is second only to Karl Malone in overall (NBA and ABA) free throws made, with 9,018
  •     is second behind Karl Malone in overall (NBA and ABA) free throws attempted, with 11,864
  •     is seventh all time in NBA career points (27,409)

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