Throwback Thursday - Ron Harper


Ron Harper fast fact!!

  1. DOB: 20 January 1964
  2. He has a twin and they were the youngest of six kids growing up in Dayton, Ohio
  3. Draft pick number 8 for the Cleveland Cavs in 1986, he broke 30 points in just his sixth game, with 34 against the Sacramento Kings. In his fourth season, 1989-90, after seven games with the Cavaliers, on November 16, 1989 he was traded to the Los Angeles Clippers.
  4. He later played for the Chicago Bulls under a lucrative free agent deal, who were rebuilding after the first retirement of Michael Jordan. In 1995-96, Harper's 10th NBA season, he played in and started 80 games, with his playing time increasing to 23.6 minutes per game and his scoring average to 7.4 ppg.
  5. After following Phil Jackson to the Lakers in 1999, he racked up his further NBA championship ring and won another the following
  6. Harper has battled stuttering for most of his life, and donates his time to the National Stuttering Association to encourage others with this problem to not let it hinder them.
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