Panini Silver Pack 19-Box Mega NBA Case Break at Oz Group Breaks

Oz Group Breaks are running a Premium 19-Box Mega Case Break exclusive to OzCardTrader!

Every Spot will receive 4 x Sealed Panini Convention Exclusive Silver Packs! So don't hesitate! CLICK HERE to grab a spot.

This Premium 19-Box Mega-Break will not only deliver the best 13/14 has to offer, with a sprinkling of 12/13's finest, but a handful of Panini's much talked about SILVER PACKS! So if you like the look of Spectra, Preferred or the upcoming National Treasures (Not to mention the sold out Court Kings) get around this! 

Payment Due 20th July (via Payment Details attached)

This is a 'Draft Team' Group Break.

A draft will be conducted to determine the order in which you will select teams. There will only be 15 spots and each spot will get TWO teams the second being 'mirrored' eg. 1st pick gets 30th pick, 2nd pick gets 29th pick. You will be asked to submit a 'team preference list' once filled and your team will be assigned according to this list.


  • 1 x 13/14 National Treasures Box
  • 5 x 13/14 Court Kings Box
  • 5 x 13/14 Crusade Box
  • 2 x 13/14 Spectra Box
  • 5 x 13/14 Preferred Box
  • 1 x 12/13 Immaculate Box
  • 60 x Panini Silver Convention Packs

A spot is $270 and includes:

  • any postage;
  • and one touches or toploaders;
  • any bank fees;
  • any hits (un-numbered base cards/subsets will not be distributed).

Aired Live Approx 7pm Early August on Cherry Collectables LIVE breaks.

There should be approx 168 HITS

To grab a spot in this exclusive Group Break CLICK HERE

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