LIVE from the 35th National Sports Collectors Convention



Well it has been nothing but chaos for our trip to the US. We hit up San Diego last week to combat the largest comic + pop culture convention in the WORLD…. San Diego Comic Con. With over 140,000 attendees we battled hard for some exclusive items, slept out on the grass on Friday night to get into Hall H to see Marvel movie panels and caught up with some awesome peeps along the way….. but enough of the Comic CON….

You guys want to know about the National CON.
The I-X Centre in Cleveland, houses some of the largest and rarest collections of sports memorabilia in the US. The big boys are here too, Panini, Upper Deck, Topps, D&A Card World and Blow Out.
This year the National started something new, tapping into the Case Break Phenomenon by housing their own Case Break Pavilion. They have a centre stage and individual booths for Case Breakers to bust there stuff, all in front of a live audience.
The National is a 4 day event and a lot is going on, so I'm going to break it down into a quick synopsis of: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly….

The Good:
    •    Cherry spent up BIG with Panini, which entitled us to National Convention Exclusive Gold and Silver Packs, fresh off the press for our OzGroupBreaks
    •    We are making contacts and strengthening relationships with supply manufacturers, grading companies and licensed memorabilia dealers - making it easier for people in Oz to buy and grade
    •    We got some Panini Signed Photos from Jim Jackson (Dallas) / Panini T-shirts / Giveaways

The Bad
    •    A lot of the booths house overpriced individual cards, so it's been hard to chase some stellar product to bring back for you guys
    •    We leave on Saturday…. 5 hours before the Panini VIP Party which Kyrie Irving, Dominique Wilkins and Dr J will be at … very big sad face!

The Ugly
    •    They changed the day for the Rodman Photo Op and signing and didn't tell Cherry - so we missed out.  Queen Renee lost her bananas at the Tristar Productions staff….and let's say things got really ugly!

Check out our FB photos from the National HERE






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