NEW Pokemon XY POINTBreak Cards Revealed!

NEW Pokemon XY POINTBreak Cards Revealed!

I can't believe no-one has thought of this yet! Whenever I hear the new Pokemon TCG set's name I think of the classic 90's action movie Point Break! So, I did some bad photoshop to see what Point Break Cards might look like as well as a Point Break/BREAKPoint poster!



Stormy Seas and Splash Burn actually sound like something Bodhi would say - 'Look out for the splash burn when you bail brah!'


Can you imagine if Gyrados just emerged out of Bells Beach at the end and ate Bodhi?! Epic.

Ash gets some surfing tips from Bodhi in this legit screen grab from my imagination.

You can pre-order BREAKPoint (right way around) from Cherry right now!

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