Throwback Thursday - Wilt Chamberlain

Throwback Thursday - Wilt Chamberlain

Wilt Chamberlain was the NBA's first legendary big man but he was also a trailblazer of celebrity endorsements! We're used to ads with our fav sports heroes these days thanks to the likes of Jordan but Wilt was doing it way before Mike.

Let's pay homage to 'Wilt the Stilt' and check out his Top 5 endorsements!

5. Reebok

This ad with Shaq is legendary but he has to pass the audition with Wilt, Bill Russell, Bill Walton and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar first.


4. American Express

This classic ad for the credit card company uses Wilt and jockey Willie Shoemaker to show how the card fits all sizes.

wilt ad

3. Castoria Laxative(???)

How the heck did this happen? What about Wilt and his mum suggests that they're experts on laxatives? Did his mum want the money? Are we supposed to believe that if Wilt's mum didn't give him laxatives that he wouldn't have been so talented?

'Thanks for feeding me laxatives when I was a kid mum, now I'm 7ft 1in!'

'You're welcome'

 2. Wilt Chamberlain Basketball by Coleco

This ad starts out looking like an old school horror movie but ends with Wilt pwning noobs in a foosball style basketball game - it looks hard to play man! 

1. Miller Lite

This one actually holds up quite well, the humour would not be out of place in a beer ad these days. 

 Much love to Wilt Chamberlain, Cherry's Throwback Thursday player of the week!

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