Throwback Thursday - A.C. Green

Throwback Thursday - A.C. Green

Well done to this week's winner! Cherry's throwback Thursday NBA player this week is A.C. Green.

A deeply religious man (he even said he remained a virgin until he married in 2002!) he was plagued by chronic hiccups throughout most of his career - in fact they only went away when he was playing or practicing.

A.C. played over 3 huge decades in the NBA starting with the Lakers where he won his first 2 championships as well as All-Defensive Second Team honours. Moving to the Suns in 1996 A.C. moved around a bit going on to the Mavs, back to the Lakers (where he won a 3rd title!) in 1999 and finally the Heat in 2001.


A.C. is maybe most famous for his nickname 'Iron Man' as he played an incredible streak of games missing only 3 in his entire career - he played 1278 of 1281 games!

Enjoy a nice mixtape of A.C. highlights and check out the throwback cards - see you on next week's Throwback Thursday!

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