Throwback Thursday - Isiah 'Pistons Bad Boy' Thomas


Isiah Lord Thomas III born in Chicago Illinois on April 30 1961, a Taurus, he was the youngest of nine children. Growing up on the basketball courts of the Ghetto in Chicago he focused on perfecting his game. In 1981 he was drafted, pick number 2, to the Detroit Pistons where he began his "Bad Boys" NBA career.

Regarded as one of, if not the best Point Guard of his time he managed two Championship titles, with an amazing record in the '84 Play-Off series, scoring 16 points in 91 seconds.

In 1991, Isiah famously missed out on the call-up for the Dream Team. Even 20 years on, there is much conjecture about what 'really happened' with the decision making, but most people believe it stemmed from MJ and Pippen's distate for the Piston Bad Boy. This was spurred by a lack of handshaking in the '91 Eastern Conference Finals series against the Bulls, something of which Thomas is said to be "regretful" of to this day.

Isiah played his last game against the Orlando Magic and went on to manage the Raptors, G.M the NY Knicks and later become their coach in 2006. He was enshrined into the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame in 2000.


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