Dennis Rodman Saves The World With Trump Gift For North Korea?

Dennis Rodman Saves The World With Trump Gift For North Korea?

*Update 12/3/2018*

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President Trump is now set to meet Kim Jong Un before April did basketball great Dennis Rodman set this up like Cherry predicted in June last year?

 Rodman's latest North Korea visit has lit up the internet because he gave Kim Jong Un a copy of President Trump's bestseller The Art Of The Deal. But this isn't the first time he has visited North Korea and with tensions between NK, the USA and China at an all time high could 'The Worm' actually get things to calm down? He's supposed to be great friends with Kim and is Trump and Kim's only mutual acquaintance.

Donald Trump Dennis RodmanDennis Rodman Kim Jong Un

What I'm saying is; Are we going to have to give Dennis Rodman a Nobel Peace Prize? Is he going to be swatting missiles out of the sky like he blocked shots for the Pistons, Bulls and Spurs?

Rodman Stops North Korea Missile Launch

Is Kim Jong Un going to start out negotiations at his next meeting with some tactics from his new book?

Kim Jong Un Reads Trump Art Of The Deal

American prisoner Otto Warmbier was literally JUST released by North Korea. Was Rodman sent by Trump to get a deal started? Conspiracy theories are already starting.

We'll stay on top of Rodman's NK trip here at Cherry.

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