Steph Curry Signs $200 Million 5 Year Deal

Steph Curry Signs $200 Million 5 Year Deal

Golden State Warriors superstar Stephen Curry has signed a new five-year deal worth $201 million, the richest contract in NBA history.

The Curry deal makes Steph the first player to break the $200 million barrier said the player's agent. This makes things certain that he will be staying at Golden State at least for the time being.

He has been one of the league's biggest stars but Curry had languished way down the order of the NBA's best-paid players. Curry was the 82nd best-paid player in the league, earning just over $12.1 million last season. He was picked up for a bargain $12.7 million for his first 4 years as the Warrior's 7th pick in the 2009 draft.

But this new deal makes him the world's fourth highest paid athlete (based on annual salary and winnings) behind Real Madrid star Cristiano Ronaldo ($58 million), Barcelona's Lionel Messi ($53 million) and the NFL's Andrew Luck ($47 million) on Forbes' 2017 list.
Curry is in good company in being 'underpaid' at first. Michael Jordan was paid under $1 Million per season for his first few seasons with the Bulls.
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