Top 5 Conor McGregor Cards

Top 5 Conor McGregor Cards

With the Mayweather vs McGregor fight over how will this affect the value of the UFC fighter's cards? Conor McGregor has plenty of nice cards out there from different products so let's take a look.

5. Conor McGregor Floyd Mayweather 2017 Leaf National Dual Autograph

Released in VERY limited number at this year's National Sports memorabilia convention in Chicago, this dual auto card from Leaf Cards is currently VERY hot on eBay and for good reason - it's riding the hype wave of a great fight which has had almost the entire world talking.

4. 2013 UFC Topps Conor McGregor RC

Considered by many to be McGregor's rookie card this card features a great image of Conor laying the smackdown!

3. 2013 UFC Topps Conor McGregor Auto RC

From the same run of Topps cards but this time with the auto - OK it's not on card but still a nice piece of memorabilia.

2. 2016 Topps Top Of The Class Conor McGregor

I picked this card because the Top of the Class inserts are just a badass looking set.

1. 2016 Topps UFC/High Impact ~ Conor McGregor

My favourite from the signed cards out there - a nice pic of Conor draped in the Irish flag and a nice looking auto on the card too.

Cherry still has some UFC cards in stock if you're keen to try your luck and remember we do a Top 5 Cards for a different athlete every week, check out some of our others here!


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