With Ric Flair telling everyone on Instagram that he broke his pinky in a fight with a Warriors fan I thought I'd look back in time to the best times that wrestling and the NBA have crossed over!

Number 5 - Shawn Michaels is a Spurs fan

Shawn Michaels delivers sweet chin music in San Antonio! Don't try and punk the Coyote coz he's got back up;

Number 4 - Shaq vs Big Show at Wrestlemania

They must have built a specially reinforced ring when Shaq came out to choke slam some fools;

 Number 3 - Rodman joins the NWO

Wrestling in the 90s was HYPE and the hype got HUGE when Dennis Rodman teamed up with Hogan's NWO and participated in several pay per views;

Number 2 - Ric Flair gets everyone to WOOOOOOO at the Finals

The Nature Boy is a HUGE sports fan, he turns up at basketball, football and track and field events on the regular but last year he started pumping up the crowd at Cavs games when they hit the finals;

Number 1 - Karl Malone vs Dennis Rodman

The most hype there ever was about a NBA/Wrestling crossover was when Karl Malone and DDP teamed up against Rodman and the Hulkster. They played off in the finals as Bulls and Jazz players and then again in the ring!

Did we miss any? What other NBA/WWE crossovers would YOU have included?

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