Top Tyler Herro Cards

Top Tyler Herro Cards

Tyler Herro's rookie cards took a bump after his performance against the Celtics in the finals today so we thought it was worth looking at some of the Miami Heat rookie's top cards so let's jump into it!

5. Tyler Herro Hoops base rookie

An affordable entry from this year's sleeper hit - Hoops! Can you believe boxes of 2019-20 Hoops were selling for $180 last year? Get your Hoops rookie here.

tyler herro hoops base rookie cards

4. Tyler Herro Prizm base rookie

Prizm is the standard everyone wants for their collection with graded Giannis and Luka Prizm RCs going for big money. Our Tyler Herro cards from Prizm are here.

tyler herro prizm base rookie

3. Tyler Herro Revolution rookie auto

If you're after a more affordable auto the on card rookie autos from Revolution fit the brief. This set came out very nicely.

tyler herro revolution rookie auto

2. Tyler Herro Court Kings Fresh Paint auto

Court Kings this year is maybe the best yet and some of the on card autos are all time cards. The Fresh Paint set captures this year's rookies.

tyler herro fresh paint auto court kings

1. Tyler Herro Court Kings Heir Apparent auto

Another beautiful Court Kings card because, why not? Honourable mention to the Sneaker Spotlight auto.

tyler herro heir apparent auto

Ready to shop Tyler Herro? Click here and use that "Make An Offer" button.

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