Where To Buy Pokemon Cards in Melbourne

Where To Buy Pokemon Cards in Melbourne

You're in Melbourne and looking for your Pokemon card fix? Cherry Collectables can help! Established in 2009, Cherry has been in the trading card and collectables business for 10 years and has a handy location at 129 King Street in the CBD! Just 5 minutes from Southern Cross station.

We love helping you get the card or cards you need for your collection so let us help you with your order of single cards, packs, booster boxes or even cases.

If you're looking to get cards graded we can help add value to your collection as the sole Beckett Grading aggregator in Australia! Once a month we submit huge amounts of cards to BGS and get them back out to you.

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Wanna try something new? Get into our weekly Pokemon Choose Day Break where you buy a spot, we give you a Team and whatever cards come out of the boxes for that team are sent straight to you! Check out the video below from our HUGE Cosmic Eclipse break!

Wanna try your hand at a Pokemon Mystery box? Our super-popular PKM boxes ALWAYS sell out when we're at PAX or Oz Comicon because you get booster packs, sick cards and a chance to win graded Pokemon cards or sealed boxes! Check out Elbow Off The Top's PKM Box review;

Whatever your Pokemon (or other trading cards!) needs, Cherry can help you - we love collecting together!

See you in-store or online soon!

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