PKM PAK - Pokemon Special 31-Card Mystery Pack - Look For Hyper Rares!

$9.99 AUD

PKM PAKs are the best value Pokemon mystery packs on the market with a guaranteed Special in every pack!

1 x Special Card - Ultra Rare EX/GX, Break, Rare Promo or Mega in Every Pack Guaranteed!

Examples of the packs shown below.

Find Hyper Rare, Secret Rare, Full Art cards & more. Each Pack contains a minimum of:

  • 1 x Ultra EX/GX, Full-Art, Break, Rare Promo, Mega or Hyper Rare!
  • 5 x Holo or Reverse Holo;
  • 25 x Mix of Common, Uncommon, Rare, Trainer, Energy

All care is taken to eliminate duplicates but they may occur.  Odds reflect the average across the total re-pack collation.

31 cards per pack