Group Breaks

What is a Group Break

A "Group Break" is when a group of individuals buy "spots", rather than boxes, from a Case (or group of boxes). The spots are then associated with teams and the hits related to these teams belong to the owner of those spots.

Why a Group Break

Share the enjoyment of busting product with friends, get involved in high-end products at a fraction of the cost or just ensure that you are getting product from a ‘sealed case’! There are many reasons to choose a Group Break at Cherry Collectables

How Do I Enter

Simply purchase a spot in the Group Breaks shop on the Cherry Collectables website. Easy as that.  When the break is filled we will email you with further information.

How Many Spots are in a Group Break

It does differ between Group Breaks.  We have the following types of Group Breaks currently:

  1. Random Team - These are, for example, 30 spot group breaks for the NBA where each spot gets randomly assigned a team;
  2. Draft Team - The are a mid range group break where there are 15 spots with each spot reflecting two, mirrored, team choices based on a draft selection order (like the NBA draft).  Meaning you can have a greater say over your team;
  3. Hit Based - These are high-end, low spot, Group Breaks for those people who want to ensure they have a strong team and a good return of high-end hits.
  4. Team Based - Each team is priced according to the product checklist and the value the case could deliver to that particular team.  This provides a great way for player, or team, collectors to focus their investments.

What if I Don't Get Any Cards?

By purchasing a ‘spot’ in a Group Break you are purchasing a 'digital good' and agreeing for Cherry to open product and ship any cards attributed to your teams to you, regardless of the outcome.  You are purchasing the entertainment of being a part of that Group Break and owning that spot. if your teams receive no cards we do not offer any refunds but we will ensure you receive some compensation, be is a store discount or hobby packs for example. 

What is a 'Digital Good'?

A digital good is something which will not necessarily be shipped to you. As some spots (teams) may not receive an 'actual' card and we do not want to increase the price of the group break by posting 'toploaders' or blanks to losing parties, we must keep it as such.  Digital Goods are not covered by PayPal buyer protection and as such you must rely on our reputation.  Please contact us and discuss any concerns you may have. Please note - all cards will be shipped!

What are ‘Two Mirrored Team Choices?’

This sounds confusing but it isn’t! We simply use to randomize the 15 spots. If you get spot one (1) you automatically get spot thirty (30). If you get spot two (2) then you automatically get spot twenty nine (29). Over many Group Breaks we have discovered this is the fair and equitable way to run these.

What is our Random Strategy?

Everything we randomize we do the same way. All items, be it spots or cards, are entered into a ‘list randomizer’ on and randomized three (3) times. The order, after the third time, is the final order. All randomizing is recorded and posted immediately unless otherwise noted.

What is a 'Team Preference List'

In Draft Team Group Breaks we ask you to provide a ‘Team Preference List’ which tells us your first pick through to last pick. Once again we have found that when picked like this 90% of spot owners get a team in their Top 4-6 preferences.

‘Yes’ You Know Your Team/s Before The Case Break

Once teams have been associated to spots whether it be randomly or using Team Preference Lists, we will post the results on OZCT and the Cherry Website.

What is included in the cost of a ‘Spot’

Each spot is priced according to, and includes, the following:

  • The ‘Retail’ cost of the product;
  • The ‘Postage’ cost of the hits;
  • The ‘Supplies’, including one-touches for all patches and/or high-end autos/jersey cards;
  • The ‘PayPal’ Fees;

Watch Live, Recorded or Catch The Recap

Each Group Break will have an Estimated Break Date & Time. If everything goes to plan you will be able to tune into Cherry Live Breaks to watch and comment live. If you are unable to attend the Live Break we will have the recorded version available on our website and a Recap of the hits within 2 days.

What Happens if Multiple Teams are on The Same Card

It is important to note that multiple team card randoms will be recorded and available for review if requested, they will not be posted on any website.

The following method is used to determine which team wins the card:

  1. If two different teams are pictured, these teams will be entered into and the team which is on top after our ‘random strategy’ is deemed the winner of the card;
  2. If three players are pictured from different teams, and one person owns two of those teams, these teams will be entered into and the team which is on top after our ‘random strategy’ is deemed the winner of the card. The owner of the two teams will have a 2/3 chance of winning the card;
  3. If three players are pictured and two are from the same team, the team with the majority wins the card.

When Will I Get My Cards

Cards are sorted, sleeved, one-touched, recapped and packaged over the next few days. You can expect to receive your cards, in the exact condition they came out of the box, within 5-7 business days.

What if a Card Depicts a Different Team Name on the Back of the Card to the Jersey They are Wearing?

The card will also be given to the team name noted, normally, on the back of the card. Not that depicted in the image.

What if the Product has College or Other Uniform, Which Team Gets Them?

Some products do not portray or reference official NBA/NFL teams and in these cases those cards will be attributed to the team the player is most notable as having played for. An example would be ‘Michael Jordan’, if in a North Carolina jersey his card would still go to the ‘Chicago Bulls’.

If the player is still currently playing, but portrayed in a college uniform, those cards would be attributed to the team they currently play for.

Group Breaks are 'Digital Goods', What is That?

You are purchasing a good which will