17-18 Noir NBA 1-Box Break #171 (LAKERS GIVEAWAY) - Team Based - Jun 24 (Night)

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Spotlight Signatures is back, and with it, a whole new roster of players --showcasing rookies, veterans, and legends!

Collect two versions of the Rookie Patch Autographs, including Super Prime versions and Jersey Tags--limited to five or fewer copies!

All autographs in Noir are signed on-card!

Short-printed Metal Frame base cards return--look for Alternate Metal Frame Base, Alternate Metal Frame Rookies, Feature Length, Split Screen, and Vintage Art! All metal frame cards are #’d/25!

This is a Team Based Group Break. You buy the pre-priced team that you would like from the list below.

International participation welcome, postage is FREE (includes tracked shipping for big hits!)

Each Team Price includes:

  • Postage;
  • Tops loaders, size permitting.  One touches are extra.
  • Paypal Fees;
  • All cards busted!

Teams Owned:


Washington Wizards - Dave Mac
Memphis Grizzlies - Thomas Page
Golden State Warriors - Brian Kime
Philadelphia 76'rs - Joe Foo
Indiana Pacers - Vlad Latanskiy
Chicago Bulls - Dylan VIdeion
Los Angeles Clippers - Dylan VIdeion
San Antonio Spurs - Jake Holmes
Charlotte Hornets / Old Hornets - Peter Lincoln
Milwaukee Bucks - James Williams
Boston Celtics - James Williams
Cleveland Cavaliers - James Williams
Toronto Raptors - Chris Harrison
New Orleans Pelicans (Not Old Hornets) - Caynne campbell
Miami Heat - Matthew Saliba
Detroit Pistons - Ash Peters
Brooklyn Nets - Jake Holmes
Denver Nuggets - James Williams
Atlanta Hawks - Anthony Arama
Dallas Mavericks - brendan kubale
Orlando Magic - Marty F
New York Knicks - Talun Huang
Utah Jazz - Trent Sappey
Sacramento Kings - Blair Chave
Oklahoma Thunder - Sonics - Andrew McLay
Minnesota Timberwolves - Andrew McLay
Houston Rockets - Andrew McLay
Phoenix Suns - Andrew McLay
Portland Trail Blazers - Bradley Meiring