(1SPP) 2022 Donruss UFC 1-Box Break #7293- RANDOM WEIGHTCLASS - May 06 (12pm)

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 If you buy more than 1 spot the second spot will be cancelled

This is a random weight class break. Every participant will receive a random weight class and will receive the hits from that weight class. If you wish to add base please use our "Ship My Base" Option.

If a fighters weightclass is not listed on their card, the card will go to the division in which they had their most recent UFC fight.




  1. Talun Huang
  2. William Fenn
  3. William Fenn
  4. William Fenn
  5. John Dimopoulos
  6. Andrew Rymarz
  7. Jamie Noy
  8. Jamie Noy
  9. Jamie Noy
  1. Welterweight + VOICES 
  2. Flyweight
  3. Middleweight
  4. Bantamweight
  5. Light Heavyweight
  6. Straweight
  7. Lightweight
  8. Heavyweight
  9. Featherweight