20-21 Certified Football 3-Box Break #0794 (BENGALS GIVEAWAY) - Team Based - Sep 9 (Night)

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$40.00 AUD

One lucky team will win the Cincinatti Bengals with the chance at Joe Burrow Rookie cards!

International participation welcome and shipping is FREE & included.

Price Per Team Includes:

  • 100% OF ALL Autographs
  • 100% OF ALL Memorabilia/Jerseys
  • 100% OF ALL Short Printed/Numbered
  • 100% OF ALL Inserts
  • 100% OF ALL Variants
  • 100% OF ALL Rookie Cards
  • Domestic Postage - Tracked for Bigger Hits!
  • International Postage - Tracked for ALL Shipments!
  • Sleeves and toploaders as required.

Does Not Include:

  • Veteran Base Cards (can be included also - just choose the option when adding this to your cart)
  • One Touches

Aired Live on the below channels! Click one to be taken to our stream!


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    • 3 x 2020 Certified Football



    San Diego Chargers - Simon Dixon
    Baltimore Ravens - Simon Dixon
    Green Bay Packers - Simon Dixon
    Minnesota Vikings - Simon Dixon
    Dallas Cowboys - Bryce Reed
    Kansas City Chiefs - Brenden Waters
    Oakland Raiders - Joel Ambrey
    New York Jets - Lucas W
    Indianapolis Colts - Lucas W
    Arizona Cardinals - Adam Stein
    Miami Dolphins - Luke Kato
    Denver Broncos - arran ferguson
    LA Rams - Matt Wilson
    Tampa Bay Bucs - Matt Wilson
    New England Patriots - Matt Wilson
    New Orleans Saints - Jesse Evans
    Carolina Panthers - Matt Wilson
    Seattle Seahawks - Peter Le
    Tennessee Titans - damien smeaton
    Chicago Bears - Gaspare Bruno
    San Francisco 49ers - Scott James
    Pittsburgh Steelers - Andrew Gott
    Cleveland Browns - Clayton Hopkins
    Philadelphia Eagles - Massimo Pesce (maspe_2068)
    Washington Redskins - Mark Linford
    Detroit Lions - Mark Linford
    Jacksonville Jaguars - Marty Beauchamp
    Atlanta Falcons - Shaun Hannon
    Buffalo Bills - damien smeaton
    Houston Texans - Matt Wilson