2012/13 Panini Immaculate Basketball Hobby Box

$1,999.99 AUD

2012/13 Panini Immaculate Basketball Hobby Box is backordered. We will ship it separately in 10 to 15 days.

Each Box contains the following:

- 1 Auto Rookie Patch Rookie Numbered 99 or less
- 1 Autograph Card OR Auto Patch Card
- 1 Memorabilia Card
- 1 Additional Memorabilia or Autograph Card
- 1 Regular Card Numbered to 99
- 1 Additional Card

The most unique memorabilia cards the industry has ever seen!

Autographed Patch Rookie cards s equentially numbered to 99 or less. The first ever offering of six NBA Logo man booklet cards all numbered 1-of-1.

Look for all New Immaculate Caps featuring player-worn hats! Look for Immaculate Numbers acetate variations sequentially
numbered to player's jersey number, as low as 1!


IMMACULATE ROOKIE AUTO PATCH: One Immaculate Rookie Auto patch sequentially numbered to 99 or less in every pack. Also look for Immaculate Numbers acetate version numbered to jersey number.

IMMACULATE INSIGNIAS: Featuring Team specific patches found on the back or chest area of the jerseys.

IMMACULATE LOGOS: Find Oversized patches of Logos, Numbers and Commemorative Patches.

ALL-STAR LINEAGE AUTOGRAPH CARDS: Look for Title Winners and All-Star Game Lineage Autograph cards featuring players that have won an NBA Championship or appeared in an All-Star Game. All of these cards are numbered to the number of times a player has won the title or their All-Star Game appearances.

SIX STAR LOGOS: All NBA Logo Man, All Booklet cards, All numbered to 1.

THE IMMACULATE STANDARD: Look for Immaculate Standard memorabilia cards featuring oversized memorabilia swatches of the top NBA superstars on the pristine Immaculate acetate substrate.

1 pack Per Box, 6 Cards Per Pack