2015 Topps Baseball Update Series Pack

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2015 Topps Update Series Baseball closes out the year's flagship line in a big way -- literally. Besides all the familiar chase elements, the base set expands from 330 cards to 400.

In fact, the base set is bigger than each of the Series 1 and Series 2 that had 350 cards. A big focus is on rookies and traded players in their new uniforms. The Rookie Debut subset returns noting the player's first game. Other subsets include Future Stars, the All-Star Game, Home Run Derby, Veteran Combos and Rookie Combos.

Parallels come in several colors and patterns. They include Rainbow Foil (1:10 hobby packs), Gold (#/2015), Snow Camo (#/99), Black (#/64), Pink (#/50), Printing Plates and Platinum (1/1).

Base inserts in 2015 Topps Update Series Baseball are a mix of new and carryover elements. Highlight of the Year (1:4), which was in Series 1 and 2, wraps up with 30 cards spotlighting a key moment from a specific season.

Rarities (15 cards, 1:8) does get its namesake from being rare itself. Rather, it's about events that are only slightly more common than Sasquatch sightings but a more rare than an Adam Dunn strikeout back in the day.

It's doubtful that Jobu of Major League fame will appear, but player superstitions are the focus in Whatever Works (15 cards, 1:8).

Tape Measure Blasts (15 cards, 1:8) is a mini history lesson in some of the biggest home runs ever hit.

The Rookie Sensations (25 cards, 1:6) name might be familiar to longtime collectors who remember the insert name when Fleer used it back in the 1990s. Rather than taking on standout 2015 rookies though, it looks at some of the greatest rookie seasons ever.

10 Cards Per Pack