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2016 Topps Baseball Series 1 Hobby Box

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Look for One Autograph or Relic Card Per Box PLUS Two Vintage Stamped Buyback Cards Per Box!!

The 350-card base set is back, featuring contemporary stars, future greats, and newly debuting rookies. Collectors, both current and returning, will also find all-new inserts, autographs, and relics highlighting great moments in MLB and Topps history, as well as commemorating the modern-day stars and their achievements.

Topps is celebrating 65 years of making baseball cards this February with the release of 2016 Topps Baseball Series 1.

Some 2016 Topps Baseball packs will include specially stamped buybacks to mark this great anniversary. The buybacks cards will span seven decades, and include some of the greatest baseball players of all time.

Join us and rediscover what makes Major League Baseball , Topps Trading Cards, and collecting great!

Key Rookies: Kyle Schwarber, Corey Seager, Miguel Sano, Michael Conforto, Luis Severino, Trea Turner, Trayce Thompson, Hector Olivera, Ketel Marte, Aaron Nola, Richie Shaffer, Rob Refsnyder, Travis Jankowski, Brian Johnson, Jon Gray.



350 action-packed base cards, featuring Veterans, Rookies, Future Stars, League Leaders, 2015 World Series Highlights, and Team


All 350 base cards will receive the following parallels:

- Gold - Sequentially numbered to 2016.
- Vintage Stock - Sequentially numbered to 99.
- Black - Sequentially numbered to 65. HOBBY & HOBBY JUMBO ONLY
- Pink - Sequentially numbered to 50.
- Platinum - Numbered 1/1.
- Rainbow Foil Parallel - Inserted 1:10.
- Clear Parallel - Sequentially numbered to 10. REGULAR HOBBY BOXES ONLY- NOT IN FOUND IN HOBBY JUMBO
- Framed Parallel - Framed in silver, similar to Topps Museum Collection autographs. Sequentially numbered. HOBBY & HOBBY JUMBO ONLY
- Base Card Printing Plates - The four printing plates used for every base card. 1,400 total plates. Numbered 1/1. HOBBY & HOBBY JUMBO ONLY


Berger's Best: 65 cards celebrating the legacy of Topps' progenitor, Sy Berger, with an iconic card reproduced from each year since 1952. Inserted 1:4.

Perspectives: In 25 cards, collectors will gain a new perspective on the game and the highlighted player. Inserted 1:4.

Pressed Into Service: When their teams needed them the most, these 10 position players ventured into unfamiliar territory and took to the pitcher's mound. Inserted 1:8.

100 Years at Wrigley Field: 25 of the most memorable Chicago Cubs moments at The Friendly Confines are immortalized on cardboard. Inserted 1:8.

Back-to-Back: 15 of the greatest power hitting combos grace these cards. Inserted 1:8.

Topps Laser: The iconic brand returns 20 years later on cards featuring intricate laser-cut designs in this 25-card set. Numbered to 99. HOBBY & HOBBY JUMBO ONLY

First Pitch: This fan favorite set returns showcasing notable names who tossed out the first pitch at a 2015 MLB game. Inserted 1:8.

Stamped Buybacks: Vintage Topps cards stamped with a 65th Anniversary logo. 2 PER BOX! HOBBY & HOBBY JUMBO ONLY


Team Logo Pin CARDS: High gloss metallic pins featuring 35 players alongside their team logos.

Team Logo Pin autograph CARDS: Numbered to 25.

No-Hitter Pin CARDS: 15 remarkable achievements in pitching are lauded with special pins created solely for this set.

No-Hitter Pin autograph CARDS: Numbered to 25.

World Series Coin and Stamp Cards: Cards featuring champions of the Fall Classic and a U.S. coin and postage stamp from the year they won the title.

- Quarter with Stamp - Numbered.
- Quarter with Stamp and Autograph - Numbered to 10.
- Dime with Stamp - Numbered.
- Nickel with Stamp - Numbered.
- Penny with Stamp - Numbered.


Berger's Best Autograph Relics: Numbered to 10.

Topps Laser Autograph Relics: Numbered to 10.

Back-to-Back Dual Autograph Relics: Two autographs and two relics per card! Numbered to 10.

Pressed Into Service Autograph Relics: Numbered to 10.

100 Years at Wrigley Field Autograph Relics: Numbered to 10.

World Series Champion Autograph Relics: Numbered to 50.

Postseason Performance Autograph Relics: Numbered to 50.

Glove Leather Autographs: Players sign directly onto simulated glove leather. Numbered to 25.


Scouting Report Autographs: Discover what the scouts are saying about some of the most collectible MLB superstars alongside their autographs.

BERGER'S BEST Autographs: Numbered to 25.

Topps Laser Autographs: Numbered to 25. HOBBY & HOBBY JUMBO ONLY

Back-to-Back Dual Autographs: Numbered to 25.

Pressed Into Service Autographs: Numbered to 25.

100 Years at Wrigley Field Autographs: Numbered to 25.

World SERIES Champion Autographs: Numbered to 50.

Postseason Performance Autographs: Numbered to 50.

BERGER'S BEST Cut Signatures: Numbered 1/1.

Cut Signatures: Numbered 1/1.


Scouting Report Relics: Discover what the scouts are saying about some of the most collectible MLB superstars alongside their uniform or bat relics.

Berger's Best Relics: Numbered to 99.

Topps Laser Relics: Numbered to 99. HOBBY & HOBBY JUMBO ONLY

Back-to-Back RELICS: Numbered to 99.

Pressed Into Service Relics: Numbered to 99.

100 Years AT Wrigley Field Relics: Numbered to 99.

World SERIES Champion Relics: Numbered to 100.

Postseason Performance Relics: Numbered to 100.

In the Name Relics: Featuring the letters from the nameplate of the 2015 MLB All-Star Game Workout Jerseys. Numbered 1/1. HOBBY & HOBBY JUMBO ONLY


- Bunt Code Cards - Featuring a code to be redeemed for currency to be used within the Topps BUNT App.
- Bunt Player Cards - Unlock special cards only available through the codes printed on these cards.

36 Packs Per Box, 10 Cards Per Pack