2016 Upper Deck Marvel Gems Hobby Box

$129.95 AUD

Each Box contains Two Base Cards, One Premium Insert, One Crystal Clear (PETG) Card, and One Gem-Balaya, Diamond Mine, Original Art Sketch, or Diamond Cuts Card!

Look for 1 of 1, original art sketch cards - 2 per inner case!

Each Box contains One Exquisite Pack!

The 1st Ever female-themed Marvel set from Upper Deck!

Look for Diamond Mine cards embedded with actual manufactured diamonds! Single, Double, Triple and Quad, including 2 parallels - some numbered as low as 1 of 1!

Crystal Clear PETG cards 1 in every box! 20 card set plus 4 parallels to collect!

ALL NEW Gem-balaya cards; a popular, familiar design with a new twist!

Thick, premium Shadowbox cards - featuring your favorite female characters depicted in multi-layered detail!

Introducing Diamond Cut cards - featuring front and back diecuts in the shape of various gems that reveal Marvel characters printed on see-through acetate!

4 Premium Inserts - featuring a variety of card technology from perimeter diecut and soft touch coating to embedded pieces of wood and plastic lens! 1 insert in every box!

1 bonus Exquisite pack in every box - featuring limited, original Ariel Olivetti artwork base cards as well as unique Emma Frost Collection diamond skin cards!


- 5 cards per Gems pack
- 1 Gems pack per box
- 1 card per Exquisite pack
- 1 Exquisite pack per box