2018 Upper Deck Marvel Avengers Infinity War Hobby Box

$274.95 AUD

Each Box contains Two infinity Stone Cards, One Strip Mined Metal, and 1-2 Fil Cel, Actor Autograph, or Sketch Cards!

Find ONE Infinity Stone Relic Card PER 8-BOX CASE!

Each Pack contains 1-2 Base Cards and 1-2 Inserts!

The pinnacle of the Marvel Cinematic Universe!

90 Card Acetate & Foilboard Base Set! Consisting of 3 separate tiers of rarity! Look for rare Behind the Scenes Variant Cards!

Road to War! Retrace all the events leading up to Infinity War!

Scour the Universe for Precious Infinity Stones! Rare variant cards contain actual stones!

9 Packs Per Box, 3 Cards Per Pack