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Cherry Xmas Pack - Give & Get 2017 - Series 3

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Note - Cherry Packs are Drawn LIVE on Facebook when sold out.
50% of Cherry Pack Profits go to the K-Mart Giving Tree Appeal! Plus Find rare Super Packs valued over $2000 in this years amazing Cherry Xmas Packs.
It's Christmas time and that means it's all about GIVING!! Long time Cherrys know that our Cherry Packs do just that but this time of year they also do a whole LOT more!  50% of the profit from the sale of the Cherry Packs will go towards Xmas Appeal
Super Packs will win one of the following (Randomly Allocated) Based on the Success of Series 1 there will be Upto Four (4) Series:
  1. 12-13 Kyrie Irving Immaculate Premium Patch RC Auto BGS 9.5 Valued $2k+
  2. 12-13 Damian Lillard Flawless RC Auto /5 BGS 9 Valued $2k+
  3. Sealed Panini NBA Trading Card Case Valued Approx $1k
  4. Sealed Panini NBA Trading Card Case Valued Approx $1k
  5. Panini Authentic Kyrie Irving Signed Jersey Valued over $500

Consider the following Ratios.

  • Super Pack (See Above) - 1:20
  • Tier 2 - 1:6
  • Tier 3 - 1:3
  • Rookie Patch or Rookie Auto - 1:1
Each pack contains 2 items & will be randomly allocated & drawn LIVE when all spots sold! 
Note* Images, or examples, shown are examples of hits from different tiers, these may be included in any (or all) of the 4 series of Cherry Packs.
    1. s.atkins
    2. s.atkins
    3. m.dunstone
    4. m.dunstone
    5. t.opie
    6. tekk
    7. c.walton
    8. s.pryde
    9. s.matthewman
    10. g.craft
    11. j.plowman
    12. t.omacini
    13. t.omacini
    14. i.cruz
    15. d.cusworth
    16. c.scott
    17. r.ogroman
    18. i.cruz
    19. s.pryde
    20. l.hoyle

    2 cards per Cherry Pack. Super Pack Redemption replaces a card.