Case Hit Club - Super Premium NBA Group Break feat. National Treasures #0215 - Jun 30 (Night)

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So the National Treasures has skyrocketed and pushed all other products out of Case Hit Club - BUT we have still squeezed it in!

It's all or nothing this month with an $8k box on the table!!

Hand Picked, Unseen, Super Premium & World's Best.  Just some of the words that describe our newest Group Break - Case Hit Club.

*Spots only become available when a spot holder relinquishes their spot - so keep an eye out!

We have sourced dozens of hand picked, mostly unseen buyback singles to guarantee a minimum of 5 case hit quality cards valued at over $1,000 in every break - ON TOP of the Super Premium product!

All spots include FREE tracked shipping (includes International Shipping) & magnetic one-touches for superstar hits!

Limited to just 22 spots the Case Hit Club is for the best of the best!

    This is a Random Team Group Break conducted on Cherry's YouTube & Facebook channels.

    All hits (auto/mem/prizm etc) and numbered base cards/inserts will be distributed.

    Please be sure to review the products included in the upcoming break and the rules associated with Machos.

    • There will 22 spots in the break, 20 Spots will receive ONE team while the remaining 2 will receive a FIVE team group each, Group A or B, shown below:
    • Group A - Indiana Pacers, Portland Trail Blazers,Houston Rockets,Sacramento Kings OKC Thunder
      Group B - Denver Nuggets, Detroit Pistons, Toronto Raptors, San Antonio Spurs, Brooklyn Nets
    • This is a Random Team Group Break. All teams will be randomly allocated using
    • Please consider our Group Break FAQ before purchasing a spot.
    • *box may replace a 1/1 should a suitable single not be available at the time.
    • Aired Live approx 6pm Apr 30 Cherry LIVE breaks.


      • 1 x 1920 National Treasures Box
      • 1 x 1920 Mosaic Blaster Box
      • 1 x 1920 Court Kings Blaster Box
      • Over $1,000 of Case Hits (Min. 5, including a 1/1*, randomly allocated among 22 spots)

      Spots (Note Numbers Randomised Each Month):

      1. s.thong
      2. jeff white
      3. s.stoddart
      4. tekk
      5. s.atkins
      6. michael hoyle
      7. edward harding
      8. richard koo
      9. khaled el helou
      10. m.todd
      11. tekk
      12. m.todd
      13. m.todd
      14. thomas ryan
      15. s.atkins
      16. t.omacini
      17. michael murphy
      18. robert naumovski
      19. stuart bryce
      20. m.martino
      21. m.todd
      22. tekk


      1. Washington Wizards
      2. LA Lakers
      3. Phoenix Suns
      4. Memphis Grizzlies
      5. Philadelphia 76ers
      6. Boston Celtics
      7. Golden State Warriors
      8. Atlanta Hawks
      9. Utah Jazz
      10. Group B
      11. Miami Heat
      12. Charlotte Hornets
      13. Dallas Mavericks
      14. New York Knicks
      15. LA Clippers
      16. New Orleans Pelicans
      17. MIN Timberwolves
      18. Group A
      19. Orlando Magic
      20. Chicago Bulls
      21. Milwaukee Bucks
      22. Cleveland Cavaliers