Dragon Ball Z Evolution Booster Pack

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Androids take over the Dragon Ball Z TCG universe in the newest release, Evolution! Play as the villainous Android 17, 18, 19 or 20 or take control of the all-new heroic Vegeta (Super Saiyan included).

Introduce new players into the game with six different tournament-legal, pre-constructed starter decks. Each starter deck includes a 60-card deck, 4 parallels, and 6 Prizm technology cards (4 Personality cards, a Mastery, and a random parallel).

Booster packs feature over 140 brand-new, hard-hitting cards that introduce new deck types and support current ones. Also find special foil versions of the starter-deck Main Personality cards.


- 24 Rares
- 8 Foil Parallels
- Ultra Rares found every other box

 12 Cards Per Pack