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Magic the Gathering Planechase Anthology

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A collection of all of the planes printed, plus four decks to play with them!

It’s the four decks from Planechase 2012 Edition: Chaos Reigns, Night of the Ninja, Primordial Hunger, and Savage Auras – they’re the ones featuring cards that are only in those decks – Maelstrom Wanderer, Sakashima’s Student, Shardless Agent, and friends!

It also gathers all 86 planar cards from all Planechase releases—including promotional cards—in one place for the first time.

  • 4 ready-to-play 60-card decks, each with eight rare cards
  • 86 oversized planar cards
  • 4 slide deck boxes
  • 1 oversized slide deck box
  • 35 double-sided token cards
  • 1 special edition planar die
  • 4 Spindown life counters