Marvel Doctor Strange Trading Cards Pack (Upper Deck 2016)

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Each Box contains One Sketch, Autograph, or Memorabilia Card!


- 50 Card Base Set featuring authentic movie stills, numbered to 150 - with two (2) hobby exclusive LTFX Parallels numbered to 50 (Silver) and 25 (Gold)!
- 7 one-card packs - every card is a hit, printed on thick premium card stock!
- All New Coin Cards embedded with actual legal tender totaling the original price of the comic depicted -look for Stan Lee autographed versions!
- 4 different inserts showcasing various aspects of the film and all numbered to less than 100! Look for Book of Cagliostro booklet cards featuring character bios.
- Look for Actor Autographs, including auto/memorabilia combo cards!
- 1 Sketch, Autograph or Premium Insert Card per box.
- Memorabilia Cards! Authentic material used in the production of the movie! Look for two in every box, including one multi-piece card!

1 Card Per Pack