PACK WARS #11 - 20-21 Hoops NBA - Feb 3 (Night)

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The winner of the tournament will win a sealed box of 20-21 Hoops

This tournament is limited to 1 spot per person. 

Please read the rules below as this is a different variation to other pack wars you may have seen before. By buying in you agree that you have read the below and understand the rules!

Pack Wars is a concept where two battling card lovers risk their packs of cards against the other. This is our variation of Pack Wars.

All rounds will be decided by Hoops packs

Each person will receive one pack of Hoops 20-21 Hobby. Whoever has the best card/s in their pack will win the match up and progress. The winner of each match up will be decided by us. 

The winner of each match up will not receive anything until the Grand Final. 

The winner progresses to the next round and the same rules apply.

2nd through 16th will each get the 2 packs from their losing match up.

Brackets will be updated live and results added to the break after completion.