Punterz - 4-Box Football Group Break #0306 - Team Based - Jul 13 (Night)

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Featuring some of the best, and best value, Panini & Topps Football products available and THE best rookies in the world today!

This is a Team Based Group Break. You buy the pre-priced team that you would like from the list below.

All hits (auto/mem/prizm etc) and numbered base cards/inserts will be distributed.


    • One Touches will cost extra; 
    • International Participation is welcome and FREE (tracking is optional approx $10usd);
    • All hits, inserts, variants and rookie cards will be sent! Veteran base car


    Oakland Raiders - Joel Ambrey
    Cincinnati Bengals - Scott Millar
    Baltimore Ravens - Scott Millar
    Miami Dolphins - Scott Millar
    Kansas City Chiefs - Scott Millar
    Dallas Cowboys - Scott Millar
    Minnesota Vikings - Scott Millar
    New England Patriots - Scott Millar
    Denver Broncos - Liam Mcwhinney
    LA Rams - Liam Mcwhinney
    Atlanta Falcons - Liam Mcwhinney
    Carolina Panthers - Robert Naumovski
    New Orleans Saints - Clayton Hopkins
    Seattle Seahawks - Clayton Hopkins
    Green Bay Packers - Marc Cellier
    Arizona Cardinals - Richard Brobyn
    San Francisco 49ers - Scott Millar
    Detroit Lions - Andrew Gott
    New York Giants - Andrew Gott
    Tennessee Titans - Nathan Ellen
    San Diego Chargers - Luke Hyland
    Indianapolis Colts - clint chaffey
    Jacksonville Jaguars - Jamie Schelkis
    Pittsburgh Steelers - Daniel Jones
    Philadelphia Eagles - Carl Perkins
    Tampa Bay Bucs - Scott Millar
    Buffalo Bills - Tyler Majer
    Cleveland Browns - Patrick McDonald
    New York Jets - Kullen Standaloft
    Houston Texans - Kullen Standaloft
    Chicago Bears - Kullen Standaloft