Punterz - 4-Box Team Based Group Break ft. MYSTERY BOXES - May 4

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$50.00 AUD

Punterz has changed for the better! Less boxes = more value! More thriller with less filler. 

Featuring some of the best, and best value, Panini & Topps Football products available and THE best rookies in the world today!

This is a Team Based Group Break. You buy the pre-priced team that you would like from the list below.

All hits (auto/mem/prizm etc) and numbered base cards/inserts will be distributed.

Please be sure to review the rules below: 

  • There will 32 spots in the break and each spot will get ONE team
  • This is a Random Team Group Break. All teams will be randomly allocated using random.org.
  • Please consider our Group Break FAQ before purchasing a spot.
  • Aired Live approx 6pm on Cherry LIVE breaks channel.


  • One Touches will cost extra; 
  • International Participation is welcome and FREE (tracking is optional approx $10usd);
  • All hits, inserts, variants and rookie cards will be sent! Veteran base cards are available to be sent by choosing the ship my base option for $7! 


  • 4 x ???


LA Rams - Liam Mcwhinney
Miami Dolphins - Liam Mcwhinney
Denver Broncos - Liam Mcwhinney
Baltimore Ravens - Liam Mcwhinney
Oakland Raiders - Kash Watts
New York Giants - Kash Watts
Washington Redskins - Liam Mcwhinney
Atlanta Falcons - Liam Mcwhinney
Arizona Cardinals - Daniel McWhinney
Seattle Seahawks - Joel Ambrey
New York Jets - Robert Naumovski
Cleveland Browns - Robert Naumovski
Tennessee Titans - Justin Alexander
New England Patriots - Dillon Weightman
Green Bay Packers - Dillon Weightman
Buffalo Bills - Justin Alexander
Cincinnati Bengals - Justin Alexander
San Francisco 49ers - Kash Watts
Detroit Lions - Cam Jones
Chicago Bears - Cam Jones
Minnesota Vikings - Patrick McDonald
Philadelphia Eagles - Travers Cleeman
San Diego Chargers - Luke Lichtnauer
Tampa Bay Bucs - Justin Alexander
Jacksonville Jaguars - Justin Alexander
New Orleans Saints - Michael McCormack
Dallas Cowboys - Cassandra Brooks
Kansas City Chiefs - Nathan Jaskola
Indianapolis Colts - Trent Sappey
Carolina Panthers - Joel Ambrey
Pittsburgh Steelers - Patrick McDonald
Houston Texans - Jesse Evans