Punterz - Multi-Box Football Group Break #4717 - Team Based - Sep 13 (5pm)

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Featuring some of the best, and best value, Panini & Topps Football products available and THE best rookies in the world today!

This is a Team Based Group Break. You buy the pre-priced team that you would like from the list below.

This break will contain 

 1 x CERTIFIED 2021





    This is a Team Based Group Break. You buy the pre-priced team that you would like from the list below.

    International participation welcome and shipping is FREE & included.

    Price Per Team Includes:

    • 100% OF ALL Autographs
    • 100% OF ALL Memorabilia/Jerseys
    • 100% OF ALL Short Printed/Numbered
    • 100% OF ALL Inserts
    • 100% OF ALL Variants
    • 100% OF ALL Rookie Cards
    • Domestic Postage - Tracked for Bigger Hits!
    • International Postage - Tracked for ALL Shipments!
    • Sleeves and toploaders as required.

    Does Not Include:

    • Veteran Base Cards (can be included also - just choose the option when adding this to your cart)
    • One Touches

    Aired Live on the below channels! Click one to be taken to our stream!


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      Chicago Bears - justin gentile
      Chicago Bears - Joshua Brennan
      Cleveland Browns - Shane Hartney
      Houston Texans - Shane Hartney
      New England Patriots - Matt Wilson
      Cincinnati Bengals - Chris Walkley
      Arizona Cardinals - Daisuke Yamashita
      Indianapolis Colts - clint chaffey
      New York Jets - Leonie Gibson
      Green Bay Packers - Leonie Gibson
      Pittsburgh Steelers - Christos Tsapkounis
      Miami Dolphins - David Fox
      Jacksonville Jaguars - Christos Tsapkounis
      LA Rams - Marty Beauchamp
      Denver Broncos - Dion Paraskevopoulos
      Baltimore Ravens - Shane Hipwell
      Philadelphia Eagles - Jarrod Quirk
      Atlanta Falcons - Gavin Trowsdale
      Dallas Cowboys - Rod Bach
      San Diego Chargers - Justin Ballantine
      Detroit Lions - Andrew Gott
      New York Giants - shane rochester
      Kansas City Chiefs - Mark loreggia
      New Orleans Saints - Joshua McQualter-Beard
      Buffalo Bills - Chris Kad
      Carolina Panthers - Brenden Waters
      Minnesota Vikings - Shane Hipwell
      Oakland Raiders - Joshua murphy