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Star Wars: Journey to The Force Awakens Hobby Pack (Topps 2015)

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Look for Two Autographs, Sketch Cards, Patch Cards, Buyback Cards, OR Printing Plates Per Box!

Each Box also contains Two Insert Cards PER PACK, including:

- (18) Character Stickers
- (9) Retro Style Material Stickers
- (9) Character Silhouette Foils
- (9) Evolution of the Lightsaber
- (9) Concept Art
- (9) Blueprints
- (9) Behind the Scenes

Collect 110 Base Cards on 24-point Heritage stock, exploring key characters and plot points from the first 6 films plus new content from 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens' all on the iconic Blue Starfield card design.

In addition to the Base Set, look for Nine different Parallels:

- Jabba Slime Green Starfield (1 per pack)
- Black Starfield (1:2 packs)
- Death Star Silver (1:4 packs)
- Lightsaber Neon Starfield (1:6 packs)
- Battle Damaged Design (1:12 packs)
- Hoth Frosted Ice (numbered to 150) [HOBBY ONLY]
- Gold Starfield (numbered to 50) [HOBBY ONLY]
- Hologram Foil Starfield (numbered to 25) [HOBBY ONLY]
- Red Imperial Guard (numbered to 1) [HOBBY ONLY]


Base Cards: 110 Cards on 24-pont Heritage Stock


- Jabba Slime Green Starfield (1 per pack)
- Black Starfield (1:2 packs)
- Death Star Silver Starfield (1:4 packs)
- Lightsaber Neon Red Starfield (1:6 packs)
- Battle Damaged Starfield (1:12 packs)
- Hoth Ice Foil Starfield (# to 150) [HOBBY ONLY]
- Gold Starfield (# to 50) [HOBBY ONLY]
- Holographic Foil Starfield (# to 25) [HOBBY ONLY]
- Imperial Guard Red Starfield (# to 1) [HOBBY ONLY]


- Character Stickers: Stickers of characters from classic films and 'The Force Awakens'
- Material Stickers:Retro-style material stickers designs from 'The Force Awakens'
- Character Silhouettes:'Star Wars: The Force Awakens' Character silhouettes on Rainbow Foil cards
- Evolution of the Lightsaber: An exploration of the iterations of lightsabersbelonging to Jedi & Sith
- Concept Art: Classic Ralph McQuarrieconcept artwork
- Blueprints: Blueprints and schematics of important ships from the Star Wars galaxy
- Behind The Scenes: Classic orange bordered cards featuring behind the scenes across films


- Base Autographs: from classic and new Star Wars actors including several first-time signers
- Silver Autograph Parallels:autograph parallel numbered to 50 [HOBBY ONLY]
- Gold Autograph Parallels:autograph parallel numbered to 10 [HOBBY ONLY]
- Imperial Guard Red Autograph Parallels:1:1 actor autographs [HOBBY ONLY]

- Dual Autographs: Featuring key duos from the classic films and 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens'
- Triple Autographs: Featuring Harrison Ford, Mark Hamill, and Carrie Fisher.


Sketch Cards/Patch Cards:

- Sketch Cards: Sketch cards by top artists within the Star Wars universe
- Patch Cards: Featuring artwork from 'The Force Awakens'

Printing Plates:

- Printing Plates: Printing Plates used in the production of Star Wars Journey To The Force Awakens
- Autographed Printing Plates: Autographed plates from the production of autograph cards


Buyback Cards:

- Buyback Cards: Cards from the original 1977 Topps Star Wars set stamped with the 'Journey To Star Wars: The Force Awakens' logo.

8 Cards Per Pack