Yu-Gi-Oh! - Savage Strike Sneak Peek - January 26

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$30.00 AUD

Cherry is the place to enjoy new YGO releases with the best prizes, prices and playing environment. 

How Sneak Peeks work:

Each player will receive 5 Savage Strike Booster Packs from which to build a 20 card deck, as well as a special Sneak Peak promo card! 

Sneak Peek Prizes:

1st: Savage Strike Sneak Peek Playmat and Booster Packs!
2nd-Xth: Savage Strike Booster Packs based on attendance. 

[note: Prizes will be distributed on release date]


  • Event Registration 2pm
  • Start 2:30pm sharp
  • 4000LP, 30 minute rounds. 
  • Places are Limited so reserve your spot now!