Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG Shaddoll Showdown Structure Deck 1st Edition

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Structure Deck: Shaddoll Showdown revives one of the all-time greatest strategies in the history of the Yu-Gi-Oh! TRADING CARD GAME!

Reprints include:
JUST UNBANNED - Pot of Avarice
Black Luster Soldier – Envoy of the Beginning
Allure of Darkness
Instant Fusion
Super Polymerization
Living Fossil
Twin Twisters

Rebirth of the Shaddolls!
Originally introduced in Duelist Alliance, Shaddolls combine Flip Effects and Fusion Monsters to surprise your opponent. Powered by the incredible Shaddoll Fusion Spell Card that lets you Fusion Summon using monsters in your Deck, Shaddolls can Summon "Shaddoll" Fusion Monsters of any Attribute and stack up powerful Graveyard effects at the same time! Structure Deck: Shaddoll Showdown offers new monsters that break the rules of what a Shaddoll monster can be, a full selection of the cards you need to build a Shaddoll Deck, and more.

Shaddoll monsters that break the mold!

Since the beginning, all Shaddoll monsters in your Main Deck were DARK Spellcasters. Structure Deck: Shaddoll Showdown introduces new, non-DARK Shaddolls for your Main Deck, as well as a brand-new El Shaddoll Fusion Monster made of 2 Shaddolls with different Attributes.

The Shaddoll Main Deck monsters are known for having two effects: one that activates when it is Flipped, and one that activates when it's sent to the Graveyard by card effect. First, Qadshaddoll Keios is a new LIGHT Shaddoll that can Special Summon a "Shaddoll" from your hand when it is Flipped, or boosts the ATK and DEF of all of your monsters when it is sent to the Graveyard by sending another "Shaddoll" from your hand! Next, Reeshaddoll Wendi is a new WIND Shaddoll that Special Summons another "Shaddoll" from your Deck (either face-up or face-down) when it is Flipped, or Special Summons a "Shaddoll" from your Deck (face-down) when it is sent to the Graveyard! Finally, Naelshaddoll Ariel is a new WATER Shaddoll that Special Summons a banished "Shaddoll" (either face-up or face-down) when it is Flipped, or can banish up to 3 cards in the Graveyards when it is sent to the Graveyard!

The brand-new Fusion Monster, El Shaddoll Apkallone, requires 2 "Shaddoll" monsters with different Attributes to Fusion Summon it, so the brand-new Shaddolls featured in Structure Deck: Shaddoll Showdown are great options. Apkallone cannot be destroyed by battle, and when it is Special Summoned, you can target a card on the field and negate its effect! When it's sent to the Graveyard, you can add a "Shaddoll" card from your Deck or Graveyard to your hand, and then discard a card… so you can immediately use another "Shaddoll" Graveyard effect!

But that's not all! In addition to brand-new monsters, Structure Deck: Shaddoll Showdown also introduces a new Trap Card as well. Resh Shaddoll Incarnation Special Summons a "Shaddoll" from your Graveyard (either face-up or face-down), then has two additional effects that you can choose from by banishing it from the Graveyard. You have the option of either changing a face-down monster face-up, or vice versa, and because it can Special Summon the Shaddoll face-up or face-down with its first effect, you have complete control!

Brand-new artwork!

Structure Deck: Shaddoll Showdown also features new artwork for beloved cards like El Shaddoll Construct! The alternate art version of El Shaddoll Construct joins the rest of the Extra Deck that contains all the El Shaddoll Fusion essentials. You can add Synchro, Xyz, and Link Monsters from Duel Devastator to round out the rest of your Extra Deck!

Structure Deck: Shaddoll Showdown is one of the biggest Structure Decks yet with a total of 49 cards across the Main and Extra Deck, including 10 foil cards!*

39 Commons
7 Super Rares
3 Ultra Rares
1 Beginner's Guide
1 Double-sided Deluxe Game Mat/Dueling Guide

Full List:

SDSH-EN001 Qadshaddoll Keios (Super Rare)
SDSH-EN002 Reeshaddoll Wendi (Super Rare)
SDSH-EN003 Naelshaddoll Ariel (Super Rare)
SDSH-EN004 Shaddoll Falco
SDSH-EN005 Shaddoll Hedgehog
SDSH-EN006 Shaddoll Squamata
SDSH-EN007 Shaddoll Dragon
SDSH-EN008 Shaddoll Beast
SDSH-EN009 Shaddoll Hound
SDSH-EN010 Shaddoll Zefranaga
SDSH-EN011 Shaddoll Zefracore
SDSH-EN012 Black Luster Soldier – Envoy of the Beginning
SDSH-EN013 Lava Golem
SDSH-EN014 Dark Armed Dragon
SDSH-EN015 Fairy Tail – Sleeper
SDSH-EN016 Performage Trick Clown
SDSH-EN017 Armageddon Knight
SDSH-EN018 Felis, Lightsworn Archer
SDSH-EN019 Electromagnetic Turtle
SDSH-EN020 Mathematician
SDSH-EN021 Kuribandit
SDSH-EN022 Peropero Cerperus
SDSH-EN023 Curse of the Shadow Prison
SDSH-EN024 El Shaddoll Fusion
SDSH-EN025 Nephe Shaddoll Fusion
SDSH-EN026 Super Polymerization
SDSH-EN027 Instant Fusion
SDSH-EN028 Allure of Darkness
SDSH-EN029 Foolish Burial
SDSH-EN030 Living Fossil
SDSH-EN031 Pot of Avarice
SDSH-EN032 Twin Twisters
SDSH-EN033 Resh Shaddoll Incarnation (Super Rare)
SDSH-EN034 Shaddoll Core
SDSH-EN035 Sinister Shadow Games
SDSH-EN036 Purushaddoll Aeon
SDSH-EN037 Lost Wind
SDSH-EN038 Unending Nightmare
SDSH-EN039 Necro Fusion
SDSH-EN040 Subterror Succession
SDSH-EN041 El Shaddoll Grysta (Ultra Rare)
SDSH-EN042 El Shaddoll Wendigo
SDSH-EN043 El Shaddoll Anoyatyllis
SDSH-EN044 Shaddoll Construct
SDSH-EN045 El Shaddoll Apkallone (Ultra Rare)
SDSH-EN046 El Shaddoll Construct (Ultra Rare)
SDSH-EN047 El Shaddoll Winda (Super Rare)
SDSH-EN048 El Shaddoll Shekhinaga (Super Rare)
SDSH-EN049 Shaddoll Fusion (Super Rare)