Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG Flames Of Destruction Booster Box

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  • Includes cards used by Yusaku Fujiki, Aoi Zaizen, Go Onizuka, Revolver, Emma Bessho and Akira Zaizen.
  • Includes members and/or support for the "Altergeist", "Batteryman", "Darklord", "Gouki", "Monarch", "Trap Hole", "Tindangle", "Trickstar", "Vampire", "Wind-Up" and "World Legacy" archetypes, as well as the Attribute Booster series.
  • Introduces the "Elementsaber" and "Troymare" archetypes to the OCG.
  • Introduces the first support for the "Elemental Lord" archetype to the OCG.

9 Cards Per Pack. 24 Packs Per Box.