$10,000 AFL Footy Cards In Select Supremacy?

$10,000 AFL Footy Cards In Select Supremacy?

*UPDATED* 19.9.19 - Quad Coach Card Hit At Cherry 🍒 From our last box of Supremacy we hit one of the big boys! It's live on our website and on our eBay now so make an offer on this piece of football history!

select supremacy afl quad coach ebay

*UPDATED* The first cards have hit eBay with asking prices unprecedents for AFL collectors! Is this something footy collectors need to get used to or is it bad for the hobby?

select afl supremacy ebay prices

With news in the Herald Sun today of legendary coaches like Kevin Sheedy and Ron Barrassi signing interest in Select's new premium release Supremacy has really picked up! Check out the card and Cherry's own Dale and Blake's thoughts on this huge card in the video below, do you think the card will fecth a $10k price tag in the after market?

quad coaches select supremacy 2019 sheedy leigh matthews barassi autograph

select afl footy card $10000 quad coach sheedy barassi leigh matthews

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