Sell To Cherry

Cherry Is Always Looking To Buy Cards

Feel free to bring collections into store between 1-4pm weekdays!

We are always looking to support the hobby that supports us so there will be no low balling at Cherry! We want to make fast deals that ensure you get the best value for your cards and we get the best cards in Australia. Simply contact us via email or phone to sell your singles or collection.

Please note - Cherry does not buy early 1990s NBA trading cards.

To speak to someone about selling your cards, please contact (03) 7003 5286, and choose Option 1. 

Why Sell To Cherry?

  1. eBay comparative Prices!
  2. Easy Sales Channel - not hordes of low ballers!
  3. You will get paid fast with Cash, PayPal or Cherry Rewards!
  4. You won't get ripped off, we have a reputation to uphold!
  5. No auction fees or squabbling over postage!
  6. Sell at Bulk Rates, and/or Individual Card Prices!

What Does Cherry Want?

  1. Mid-High End Cards, unless in a bulk lot;
  2. Un-damaged cards;
  3. High-Res Images of the cards for sale in an email or via txt;

Does Cherry have a buy-list?

Yes! We do! Check them here: 


How Much Does Cherry Pay for Bulk Rates?

Firstly what is "Bulk"?

"Bulk" or "Bulk Cards" are cheaper cards that may see little to no competitive play, are often easily acquired, may not sought after by collectors or are inconvenient and time consuming to sell due to their low value. We help collectors and players turn their bulk into cash, sealed product or singles. 

We are also happily buying single cards from the latest sets at individual prices so if there's anything you were looking to sell which you wouldn't like to sell under our bulk rates please contact us with how much you were looking to sell the card for.

Cherry are purchasing as much of the below as we can until we reach our maximum "bulk" inventories! To sell your bulk to Cherry, please ensure your cards are sorted by type and are clean from any damages, marks, bends etc. 


Yu-Gi-Oh! Bulk Rates

$0.02 - Any English Language Non-holo (Common / Rare)
$0.10 - Any English Language Holo (Ultra Rare / Super Rare / Secret Rare / Gold Rare /etc.)

Digimon Card Game Bulk Rates

$0.05 - Any English Language Rare
$0.10 - Any English Language Super Rare

We are not purchasing Digimon Card Game Commons or Uncommons at a set bulk rate this time. If you are looking to sell a large collection which contains these cards please contact us. 

Pokémon Bulk Rates

$0.03 - Any English Language Non-holo (Common / Uncommon / Rare)
$0.10 - Any English Language Holo or Reverse Holo
$0.20 - Any Japanese Language EX, GX or V
$0.50 - Any Japanese Language VMAX

Until 27 May 2022 These bulk rates are available in store over the counter:

$2.00 - Any English Language EX, GX or V
$3.00 - Any English Language VMAX
$4.00 - Any English Language textured Full Art EX/GX/V, Full Art Trainer or Secret Rare

We are currently not purchasing Japanese Language Commons, Uncommons, Rares or Holo Rares at a set bulk rate at this time. 

If you are looking to sell a large collection which contains older cards or cards cards we haven't covered here please contact us. 

Basketball Bulk Rates

$1.00 - Any Jersey or Memorabilia card.
$2.00 - Any Autograph (Autographs must be from officially licensed products)

Cherry buys thousands of dollars in singles and collections every month so ditch the fees and let us support the hobby that supports us directly!