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In the theme of all things community and collectable… Cherry is going to start showcasing some of our collectors on the site. We are looking to build not only our Australian customer base but also International, and what better way to get to know each other than chatting about CARDS!!!

This weeks feature is coming all the way from the United Kingdom. A Pom who purchased some Hoops boxes off us on eBay… yes we do the occasional eBay sale! And he did well with a Griffin auto redemption and LeBron memorabilia.

Here’s the Q&A we did with Rob this week:

{Cherry} How long have you been collecting?

Rob: Well, I’m in my mid 30’s and as much as I can remember i have pretty much been collecting all my life both trading cards and stickers. From a very young age I remember my Grandad had cigarette card collections and as a family we collected trading cards from Brooke Bond Tea. And being a regular family from the north of England we drank a lot of tea.  Back in the early 80’s though  I was all about Panini sticker collections,  in fact still enjoy collecting them today. The first I remember collecting were E.T. and return of the Jedi. Also collected English football collections and world cup and European championships and some of the recent NBA sets are in my collection too. Since the qualification of England for the world cup next year I have already allotted myself a world cup sticker budget in preparation. Back in the early  90’s I collected mini American football helmets and the cards that came with the worst bubble gum known to man. I also collected any cards that took my liking from sports to movies to music.  These days with the advent of worldwide internet shopping its much easier to get your hands on boxes of cards and stickers and even entire collections or single cards that weren’t so easy to get hold of previously. Especially American football and basketball products in a country that doesn’t have a massive following of either sport. 


{Cherry} Fav product at the moment?

Rob: Really enjoying Panini NBA hoops 2013 at the moment. Some nice looking insert cards with the board members and action shots sets. And also the NBA Panini sticker collections as they are good looking set and are relatively cheap and easy to complete


{Cherry} Who do you follow.. Player/team?

Rob: As an English fan of American sports I follow any English players, so like to watch the Chicago Bulls and Portland trailblazers to see Luol Deng and Joel Freeland play. I don’t necessarily have a favourite team but do have a soft spot for the Boston Celtics and New England patriots as they are both from an area I love to visit. 


{Cherry} Fav product of past time?

Rob: I am a big fan of Tim Burton Movies and I have two great collections of Topps cards and sticker sets from both the Batman and Batman returns movies. Simple cards with great photos and art work on. 


{Cherry} What is your biggest mojo hit in your collection?

Rob: Not sure it can be classed as trading cards but Leaf have just produced a set of blind boxed full sized autographed american football helmets. Bought a case of three and the first two were Hall of famers, all stars and superbowl winners Paul Hornung and Carl Eller  and my third bust was of one of my all time favourite quarter backs Troy Aikman who I loved when he was dominating games and winning superbowls in the 90’s. it now has pride of place on the wall. As far as cards go, just pulled a redemption card for a Blake Griffin autograph from the 2013 hoops collection.


{Cherry} Are you chasing a particular card/player at the moment?

Rob: Would love to get hold of the really excellent looking Panini Prizm insert set from the 2012 team USA. I was lucky enough to see them play a few times last year when they were in the UK and it would be a nice reminder.

If you want your collection to be featured on the Cherry Site, send through a pic of your fav mojo & tell us in 50 words or less why we should showcase your collection to

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