It's beginning to look alot like Xmas - 2K4K Campaign

3x boxes Panini Past+Present LEFT

Cherry Packs SOLD OUT

We are NEARLY at the $2K mark!!!

Let's do this people, we've only

got one week left!!!

Yes Cherry Collectables sells boxes but our real passion is community and many of our long-time members will remember our Xmas campaigns for kids!  This season we are raising the bar for the less fortunate kids in Australia with a goal of reaching the $2k mark through our #2k4k, or $2k for kids campaign.
Proudly supported by Panini America Inc. and OzCardTrader, #2k4k will give back to the community via the Kmart Xmas Wishing Tree. You can help us reach our $2000 target via three simple options!

1. 12/13 Panini Past & Present Hobby Box - all monies to the campaign

Purchase a box (or three) of Panini Past and Present, kindly donated from Panini America Inc. We are asking that customers purchase boxes for a minimum of $60/box, however if you would like to add a bit extra on top for a donation, it would be greatly appreciated. Please note, these boxes are coming from a Cherry Fresh Sealed Case direct from Panini and ALL monies will go to the #cherry2k4k campaign.

2. Advent Calendar Cherry Packs - minimum $500 to the campaign

Cherry packs are BACK with our infamous Jaffa Advent Calendar. The structure will work like this:
• 25 days of Christmas = 25 Cherry Packs
• $70/pack
• Packs will contain 5 cards including at least 1x Patch and 1x auto
• 4 of the 25 packs will contain the 5 cards + 1x Hobby box of Panini Elite

3. Donations - all monies to the campaign

If options 1. or 2. doesn't float your boat, but you still want to participate then donations of any and all monetary value will be accepted via our Paypal account. Please assign the payment as a gift and make sure you add in the description - '2K4K donation.
To ensure the most money gets to the kids please send all payments directly to PayPal via cherrycollectables[at] as a gift with a clear note!
Click here for more details! 

Panini Past + Present Hobby Boxes - 3 BOXES LEFT
  1.  Kiwi
  2.  Tekk
  3.  Tekk
  4.  Billyhoyle
  5.  Billyhoyle
  6.  Ozguy3825
  7.  Ozguy3825
  8.  Benji
  9.  Kenny3011
  10.  Kenny3011
 Cherry Packs - SOLD OUT
  1.  Ang
  2.  Ang
  3.  Ang
  4.  Kiwi
  5.  Tekk
  6.  Tekk
  7.  Tekk
  8.  Billyhoyle
  9.  King@James
  10.  Adam Burling
  11.  Luke Sicari
  12.  Tanana
  13.  Matt Glover
  14.  Mark Agapiou
  15.  Junee
  16.  Mark Fenech
  17.  Wayne Peters
  18.  Brad McDougall
  19.  Rob C
  20.  Rob C
  21.  Rob C
  22.  Vinh
  23.  Vinh
  24.  Vinh
  25. Glenn M



  1. Junee - $50
  2. Vinh - $40
  3. OzCardTrader - $250


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