Panini 2013-14 Prizm Packs A Colourful Punch

Their is no doubt the hobby has always loved a light refracting card! From the days of Topps FInest to the more recent Prizm and Crusade the popularity of rare coloured variants has always been strong.  

Panini, now on the verge of releasing 2013-14 Prizm Basketball, have managed to produce a visually stunning design with a mix of unique and retro inspired subsets.  Prizm 13-14 is simply a fantastic followup to last year’s debut with designs that maximize the Prizm technology.

New inserts include Postseason and Hall Monitors while the stable of Prizm parallels has been expanded to include the stunning new Red, White and Blue Pulsars to sit alongside the Green and Golds.

Cherry Collectables has an Oz Group Breaks Case Break running and has boxes currently available for pre-order.  Product is expected to land just after Christmas.

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