More Pokemon XY11 'Steam Siege' Details Revealed!

More Pokemon XY11 'Steam Siege' Details Revealed!

xy11 steam siege pokemon

Hot on the heels of XY10 Fates Collide Pokemon 'Steam Siege' is the next XY11 set and it will be released on August 3rd. It features Volcanion-EX, Gardevoir-EX, shiny M Gardevoir-EX, Magearna, Xerneas BREAK, and Yveltal BREAK. The English set will have 110 cards.

Pokebeach has revealed images of the set’s Collector’s Album and a teaser for its Elite Trainer Box. Each album holds 60 cards. The set’s three-pack pin blister will come with a pin of either shiny Mega Gardevoir or Volcanion.

steam siege elite trainer box pokemon    steam siege XY11 pokemon album

The official Pokemon twitter account has also revealed 2 cards from Steam Siege - a dual-type Pokemon Fire- and Water-type Volcanion-EX and Kingdra;

kingdra steam siege pokemon steam siege XY11 pokemon volcanion card


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