OZGB 2013-14 Fleer Retro Group Break #2 From $55

Upper Deck's Fleer Retro has been a huge hit in its two years of release! The 11-12 collection is still highly sought after at $300+ per box and at one stage was fetching $800 per pox!

The first case break sold out extremely fast so here is one more before Thursdays landing date! 


The 13-14 release sees the pretty PRECIOUS METAL GEMS return, including the first for Paul George and James Harden!! The 1 of 1 Jordan Buy Backs are there and a few early 90's insert sets such as the one pictured below that I'm sure everyone will be keen to pick up.

This is a Random Team Group Break. You buy a spot and are randomly allocated a team via random.org. If you would like a specific number on this list (teams will be randomly assigned to your number) then please request it!

Payment is only due once filled.

Spots cost:

  • 1 Spot - $65
  • 2 Spots - $60 per spot
  • 3 Spots - $55 per spot

The case will have approximately 72 hits.

To try and reduce the arguments - hits will be allocated to the team the player FIRST PLAYED FOR in the NBA. Not 'was drafted by', or ' won 3 championships with'... first played for.

International participation welcome, postage is a flat $15au and covers as many spots as you buy!

Each Spot includes:

  • Postage;
  • One Touches or Top Loaders;
  • Paypal Fees;
  • Hits (no unnumbered base included)
Aired Live approx 7pm once released (Thursday Apr 24 7.30pm) on Cherry Collectables LIVE breaks.

[​IMG] [​IMG]
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