2013-14 Court Kings Basketball Release Is A Masterpiece

There are some trading card products that aren’t so much trading card products at all, but rather miniature works of art that seem to command more appreciation, more attention, more color and more critique reports Tracey Hackler.

The regal 2013-14 Court Kings Basketball, released today at Cherry Collectables is one of those products — and the first standalone release of the impressive, art-inspired brand since the 2009-10 season

Each hobby box of 2013-14 Court Kings Basketball delivers one autograph and one memorabilia card and carries a $89.95 price tag.

Randomly inserted Hot Boxes feature as many as two autographs and two memorabilia cards. From the fantastic Art Nouveau oversized rookie jersey cards (featuring Prime,Patch and Nameplate versions) to the tangibly different canvas stock, 2013-14 Court Kings is a unique addition to the trading card landscape.

Every autographed card in the product is either on-card or coupled with a piece of memorabilia and there are four unique Rookie Card versions to chase, including Graffiti versions numbered to 125 andCharcoal versions to 49.

Other things to look for when the product releases on Wednesday:

  • Performance Art game-worn memorabilia cards featuring images and editorial copy about the game in which the swatch was worn.
  • Every box includes a 5 by 7 Box Topper including rare autographed versions of these cards.
  • A vast collection of inserts, including the super short-printed LegaciesKings of Springfield andLe Cinque Piu Belle, which celebrates Panini America exclusive spokesman Kevin Durant.

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