2013-14 Upper Deck Fleer Retro Look So 90's

There is no doubt that a lot of collectors out there, like Cherry, were raised on Upper Deck inserts. Long before the days of patches and numbering, we ate a diet of foil and glitter.  Some of us still do....

Today sees the release of the third installment of Upper Decks Fleer Retro Basketball in three years.  The first skyrocketed out of the price-range of most collectors in minutes.  The second failed to impress, albeit still delivering that taste of our past.  The 2013/14 release looks to be the perfect mix of value, design and of course Michael Jordan!

Each Box contains Two Autographs and Two Fleer Metal Cards! Look for classic Autographics, Skybox Prime Time and Fleer Ultra Autograph designs!

Find Four Premium Fleer Inserts PER BOX from the following:

- Skybox Premium Star Rubies (#'d to 150 or less)
- Precious Metal Gems (Red, Blue and Green!) (#'d to 150 or less)
- 1995-96 Maximum Metal (1:120)
- 1993-94 Scoring Kings (1:120)
- 1996-97 Skybox Premium Golden Touch (1:240)
- 1992-93 Michael Jordan Career Highlights (1:80)
- 1992-93 Fleer Team Leaders (1:60)
- Final Four Stars (1:48)
- 1998 Exclamation Points (1:240)
- 1997-98 Ultra Star Power Supreme (1:240)
- 1994-95 Skybox Emotion N-Tense (1:167)
- 1993-94 Ultra Power in the Key (1:83)
- 1995-96 Skybox Premium Meltown (1:83)

Collect new PMG cards from players that have never had them before! Paul George, Rajon Rondo, James Harden, Tim Hardaway Jr, Giannis Antetokounmpo, Tony Snell, and more! 

Perhaps still the biggest draw-card is the chase of 'one of one' (1 fo 1) Jordan and LeBron buy-back autographs, so children of the 80s and 90s... the heat is on!

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2013-14 Upper Deck Fleer Retro Basketball Inserts


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